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South African Online Casinos

Many players who access online casinos are actually unaware of the gambling laws in their own country. Since international casinos sites will accept many players from locations around the globe, players often believe that gambling activities online are legal because they can register at a casinos site. For players from South Africa, the gambling laws have been in limbo for a few years. The National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 was designed to allow interactive gambling and even license casinos in South Africa. However, an appeal to a high court has been made that can prevent online gambling activities for these players. The ruling has not yet been decided, so at this time, players are still enjoying games and services at off shore casino sites.

There are no specific laws pertaining to the players who access casinos online, but there are laws that prevent the operation of an online casino within South Africa. For players, this means having to find an international online casino that will cater to their needs. Not every online casino will accept South African players, so it is important to find those that do and ensure they are safe and reliable. Aside from being licensed, the casino should offer South African Rand as a currency and should also support native languages so that players can easily access services and communicate with customer support.

There are many online casinos that will gladly accept these players and until the gambling laws are clearly stated, players will have no choice but to visit online casinos that are regulated by other countries. These casinos can still offer an amazing experience with access to hundreds of cash games and exciting bonuses and promotions. South African players will often find casinos sites that will present them with welcome bonuses as well as rewards for remaining loyal to the site.

At this time, the actual online gambling laws are still not completely clear and until the ruling in court, players may not be sure whether they can engage in this activity. It should be known that no players has been fined or penalised for accessing off shore casinos, so it is still an option to play at an international site.

We'd like to also mention a site we think is worthy of visiting as a player from South Africa. In particular if you're looking to play in Rand at online casinos that accept players from SA you might like to visit the following guide that caters to South African players called OnlineCasinoSafari which we think can be useful to you.


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